Message from Founder Principal

Ambir Kumar Katuwal

Founder Principal

I am overwhelmed with joy as we turn 36 years old. First of all let me heartily congratulate the Gajurmukhee team who have toiled day and night to come this far. I also feel highly delighted to the wind of change that has blown across Gajurmukhee School in the last 35 years. It gladdens my heart to see that from a humble beginning of a student population of 37 in 2044, the school has made remarkable progress not only in numerical strength but also in quality of instruction, physical structure, and facilities, the most recent being the introduction of Futsal and various other sport facilities, an up to date computer lab, and an appealing Montessori section for our little ones. We are persistently committed to high quality service delivery and satisfaction and thus we have sustained 35 years in the educational field. It is important to encourage other student still under the guidance that hard work and sincerity will lead to success. Change is constant. The digital and technological revolution is changing everything. Today’s education should prepare students to meet the needs of the 21st century. We will keep striving to do that. Let me equally use this medium to facilitate with the parents and guardians from now and the past of Gajurmukhee. Gajurmukhee over the years has become a prominent institution and we give kudos to you all for your patronage and support. We assure you all that this is just the beginning as we look to move further forward. While leadership and curriculum are vital aspects of a school’s success, the students and teachers are the very personification of the school itself. The school will continue to foster knowledge, understanding, application and skills in children. As we always have focused on academic excellence, we seek to prepare our students to face the ever competitive global world.

About Us


Gajurmukhee School, located just 2 Kms from Sitapaila has been providing education of quality and discipline for the last 35 years. Our aim is to make our children well equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge to be all set to face the real world. Believing firmly in our motto “Knowledge is Power” we focus on fostering our children to become exceptional leaders, but more importantly good citizens. We seek to provide education that focuses on developing our children to pursue their careers on whatever field they wish to.

This is what Gajurmukhee wishes for you:

G – Gajurmukhee opens the door to knowledge.
A – All of you, who study in this school
J – Joy and happiness in your life, we wish
U – Until you are here, we will help you all.
R – Remember, time is short and life-full of struggle
M – Mind your studies and be sincere to yourself

U – Unless you study hard, you will not prosper
K – Keeping in mind make your future bright
H – Happily succeed in life
E – Earn the knowledge that you are given here
E – Earnest may you be all the students and teachers in your duties.

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