About us

Gajurmukhee School, located just 2 Kms from Sitapaila has been providing education of quality and discipline for the last 35 years. Our aim is to make our children well equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge to be all set to face the real world. Believing firmly in our motto “Knowledge is Power” we focus on fostering our children to become exceptional leaders, but more importantly good citizens. We seek to provide education that focuses on developing our children to pursue their careers on whatever field they wish to.
This is what gajurmukhee wishes for you

G – Gajurmukhee opens the door to knowledge.
A – All of you, who study in this school
J – Joy and happiness in your life, we wish
U – Until you are here, we will help you all.
R – Remember, time is short and life-full of struggle
M – Mind your studies and be sincere to yourself
U – Unless you study hard, you will not prosper
K – Keeping in mind make your future bright
H – Happily succeed in life
E – Earn the knowledge that you are given here
E – Earnest may you be all the students and teachers in your duties.

Gajurmukhee Futsal Ground.
School's personal Futsal ground and Basketball court
School Library
Dance and Music classes
Learning through Virtual Reality (VR)
Learning the processes of Elections